Role of Solar Energy Applications for Environmental Sustainability

  • Atin K. Pathak
  • Kapil Chopra
  • Har Mohan Singh
  • V. V. TyagiEmail author
  • Richa Kothari
  • Sanjeev Anand
  • A. K. Pandey


Energy and environment are the opposite sides of the same coin. Increasing energy production depends on the fossil fuel availability and is the main cause of the environmental degradation by emission of greenhouse gases. To overcome the environmental degradation problem, the whole world is moving towards the renewable energy technologies. The sun is the main direct source of all forms of energy present on the earth. The solar energy can prove to be the sustainable future for maintaining energy demand. Solar energy is the utmost auspicious technology because it can be used for heating as well as electricity production. This technology is the most mature technology and can be used at large or small scale as cleanest source of energy. This chapter deals with the different solar energy technologies mainly working towards the environmental sustainability and cleaning.


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Financial assistance in the form of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) to Atin Kumar Pathak under Inspire Fellowship scheme by the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology (Govt. of India), New Delhi, which is gratefully acknowledged. One of the author Mr. Har Mohan Singh is thankful to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for National Renewable Energy Fellowship. Dr. V. V. Tyagi is also highly thankful to University Grant Commission (Govt. of India) for providing startup research grant at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra (J&K).


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