Fungal Endophytes from Seaweeds: An Overview

  • Vipin Kumar Singh
  • Abhishek Kumar Dwivedy
  • Akanksha Singh
  • Simran Asawa
  • Awanindra Dwivedi
  • Nawal Kishore DubeyEmail author


Seaweeds are macroscopic benthic algal forms, different from microscopic algae and constitute one of the highest productive ecosystems. Marine ecosystem harbors very large diversity of seaweed endophytic fungi. Seaweeds, from different geographical locations, exhibit diversity in associated endophytes as well as secondary metabolites produced by them. Lots of works have been presented on secondary metabolites from endophytic organisms inhabiting in terrestrial and aquatic plants. However, endophytic fungi from marine macro-algae are currently emerging as a novel source of bioactive molecules. These bioactive secondary metabolites from seaweed endophytes have reported antialgal, anticancer, antimicrobial, antiplasmodial, antioxidant, insecticidal, HLE inhibitor, protein phosphatases inhibitor, tyrosine kinase inhibitor and AChE modulation activities which stimulate the scientific community for further search of new compounds. The present chapter highlights the recent developments in diversity of endophytes inhabiting the seaweeds and economically important metabolites synthesized by them as well as scope of future study in this area.


Seaweeds Endophytes Fungi Secondary metabolites Anticancer Antimicrobial Macro algae 



Vipin Kumar Singh and Abhishek Kumar Dwivedy are thankful to Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi for research fellowship in form of RA and SRF, respectively.


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  • Simran Asawa
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