Creation of DMOs to Promote Inbound Tourism: Methods and Issues

  • Yoshitaka Mizoo


The trend towards the use of inbound tourism to drive regional revitalization is increasing in strength in Japan. Enabling the nation’s regions to attract tourists is therefore an urgent task. Destination marketing/management organizations (DMOs) are one response. Their roles would include providing information, conducting promotions, implementing effective marketing, and formulating strategies.

Regional areas attempting to create DMOs would be required to evaluate the resources they possess and decide on their travel products. It would then be essential to create a strategy regarding where and how to sell these products. Furthermore, it would be necessary to strengthen tourism associations. Cooperation between tourism associations and various regional bodies, including commerce and industry associations, would be vitally important factors.


Destination Marketing/Management Organization (DMO) Tourism association Tourism resources Travel product Community tourism Destination-based tourism Sextiary sector 


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