A New Direction for Agriculture in Japan

  • Kazunuki Ohizumi


The only means available to Japan to increase the total production value of the nation’s agriculture is the expansion of the sector of farm management which generates the highest production value, in particular “advanced agricultural management,” which generates sales of over 50 million yen per year.

The business foundation for management of this type is provided by the creation of food chains with the “market in” concept. A food chain can be considered as a single linked system incorporating all functions related to food supply, from the production of agricultural goods to their processing, distribution, and consumption. This type of agriculture is termed “food chain agriculture” in this chapter. This chapter offers a discussion of the characteristics of food chain agriculture and the potential of Japanese agriculture.


Food chain agriculture Advanced agricultural management Market in Value chain “sextiary industry” Agriculture–commerce–industry collaboration Contract cultivation Horizontal division of labor Vertical integration 

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