Adjuvant Therapy in Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer

  • Jae Heon Kim


In the treatment of locally advanced prostate cancer (PCa), there currently exists no established spectrum of treatment options to include adjuvant therapy. Adjuvant radiotherapy (RT) and adjuvant hormonal therapy (HT) could be included as treatment options. In considering therapeutic options for treating HT, both short-term therapy and long-term therapy could be included. Generally, current evidence supports surgical intervention (radical prostatectomy “RP” or “RT”) with adjuvant RT or HT as the optimal curative therapeutic option(s) for treating the cancer. Although high-risk PCa is not the centerpiece topic for this chapter, evidence suggests that the addition of adjuvant HT could serve to produce a more favorable outcome in those cases. In this chapter, the current status of adjuvant therapy (RT and HT) as a treatment option as well as how well adjuvant treatment performs in conjunction with the relative role(s) of RP and/or RT shall be discussed in greater detail, below.


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