Bioengineering of DREB and NAC Transcriptional Factors for Enhanced Plant Tolerance Against Abiotic Stresses

  • Manoj K. Sharma
  • Ashu Singh
  • Rakesh Singh Sengar


Plants growing in their native environment face several types of abiotic stresses that intentionally affect their yields at significant levels. Plant reactions toward stress are complicated and involve various cellular, physio-biochemical, and molecular adaptations. Several recent studies show that under stress conditions, plants exhibit a series of several physiological and molecular responses as a part of their stress tolerance mechanisms. Such types of interactions among various stresses point to an in-between talks among their responsive pathways of cell signaling. This type of cross talk may be both synergistic and antagonistic and commiserate the defense system which combines the plant growth hormones, transcriptional factors, cascades such as kinase, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) as an aid. Such cross talk could lead to a cross-tolerance and the enhancement of plant’s resistance levels against abiotic stresses. In recent years, transcriptional factors (TFs) have been reported to play important roles in crop improvement from the advent of agriculture. Transcriptional factors (TFs) have reported to be therefore good candidates for molecular genetics to enhance plant tolerance toward abiotic stress because of their major roles as regulators of the clusters of several genes. In this chapter, the current status of transgenic or genetically modified plants developed for enhanced tolerance against abiotic stresses by overexpressing DREB and NAC transcriptional factors has been discussed in detail. Therefore, the collective efforts and the results of several collaborative studies would definitely contribute toward the sustainable food production at global level and would also be helpful to prevent the large-scale environmental damages that result from the course of several abiotic stresses.


Environmental stress Gene/regulon Transcriptional factors Transgenics 


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