Land Ecological Condition Quality Comprehensive Assessment Based on RS and GIS in the Midwest Inner Mongolia

  • Ruiping Zhou
  • Yanru WuEmail author
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Land ecosystem is a historical complex of natural, social and economic, and it is the material carrier of human survival and development. What scientific problems to be solved are making an area systematic evaluation of land ecological quality and identifying the master factors impact it. This article using RS and GIS technology, integrating economic and social data, making a comprehensive evaluation on land ecological quality in the Midwest Inner Mongolia by AHP and comprehensive evaluation method, the results showed: land ecological basis of the research region was mainly affected by precipitation, ecological condition get worse along with the precipitation reduce from the southeast to the northwest. Land use type, pattern, patch’s diversity and land degradation is changes with the water resources quantity and human activity intensity. The population and GDP growth rapidly in the study area, but the ecological land reduced gradually, the ecological deficit, less construction, lack of protection.


RS and GIS Inner mongolia Land ecosystem Assessment 



This work was financially supported by Major projects to foster special project in Inner Mongolia normal university (2015ZDPY002) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (41261054).


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