Forest, Music, and Farming: The Takae Anti-Helipad Movement and Everyday Life as Political Space

  • Shinnosuke Takahashi


What are the cultural and affective factors that sustain solidarity within Okinawa’s anti-US base community? The “Okinawa struggle,” which started in the late 1940s, is known for its persistence against militarism and military violence, in the context of Okinawa’s 70-year subordination to the US–Japan security pact. Foregoing research has tended to view the local protest movement as homogenous in ideology and identity, thereby passing over political activities which are not necessarily motivated or represented by the mainstream discourses of “Okinawa identity.” This chapter fills a gap in the existing research by focusing on the complex social, political, and cultural identities that animate the anti-helipad construction movement in Takae village, Northern Okinawa.

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  • Shinnosuke Takahashi
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  1. 1.Kobe UniversityKobeJapan

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