Replantation with Commonly Used Instruments, Equipment, and Materials

  • Jian Lin
  • He-Ping Zheng
  • Yong-Qing Xu
  • Tian-Hao Zhang


Finger replantation is an important part of microsurgery, and the key to success is fine blood vessels and nerve anastomosis. Finger blood vessels and nerves are very small; thus, it is very difficult to distinguish them with the naked eye. All surgical protocols must be performed with a microscope, micro-instruments and various special repair materials. The development of the replantation of amputated fingers is closely connected to the development of surgical equipment and materials. It is the continuous development of surgical equipment and materials that promotes the development of replantation of amputated fingers. Below, some of the commonly used equipment and materials for finger replantation are described (Fig. 3.1).


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