Indian Classical Dance Mudra Classification Using HOG Features and SVM Classifier

  • K. V. V. KumarEmail author
  • P. V. V. Kishore
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 77)


Digital understanding of Indian classical dance is least studied work, though it has been a part of Indian Culture from around 200 BC. This work explores the possibilities of recognizing classical dance mudras in various dance forms in India. The images of hand mudras of various classical dances are collected from the internet, and a database is created for this job. Histogram of oriented (HOG) features of hand mudras input the classifier. Support vector machine (SVM) classifies the HOG features into mudras as text messages. The mudra recognition frequency (MRF) is calculated for each mudra using graphical user interface (GUI) developed from the model. Popular feature vectors such as SIFT, SURF, LBP, and HAAR are tested against HOG for precision and swiftness. This work helps new learners and dance enthusiastic people to learn and understand dance forms and related information on their mobile devices.


Indian classical dance mudras HOG features SVM classifier Mudra recognition frequency Scale invariant feature transform 


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