Signal Monitoring in a Telemedicine System for Emergency Medical Services

  • S. T. AarthyEmail author
  • S. Kolangiammal
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 77)


Wireless gadgets have invaded the medical field with a wide range of capability. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the patient during regular intervals of time. The field of contemporary electronics design and communication has the greatest potential for the advancement and dissemination of medical knowledge. There are basically six different types of sensor to gather patient’s medical information without injecting those inside the patient’s body and from this, we are achieving remote monitoring and data gathering of patients. Hence, there are advantages of mobility. There is no need for a periodical visit to a doctor to the patient. The proposed system provides emergency treatment after analysis of recorded values using mechanical setup. The collected data is continuously shared and monitored among the medical professionals using IoT.


Wireless sensor technologies Sensors Remote monitoring Data gathering 


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