Tolstoy and Cosmopolitanism

  • Christian Bartolf


The chapter “Tolstoy and Cosmopolitanism” by Christian Bartolf—president of the society for peace education: Gandhi Information Center (Research and Education for Nonviolence)—recollects Leo Tolstoy’s contribution for a cosmopolitan world culture by examining two literary sources the Russian writer left for us: his latest 1910 work Path of Life and two of Tolstoy’s letters to Indian citizens from the years 1907 and 1908. The conclusion is a confirmation of Tolstoy’s universal “non-resistance” philosophy (which means nonviolent non-cooperation with all institutions which are organized and with all people who act on the basis of injustice and violence).

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  • Christian Bartolf
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  1. 1.Gandhi Information Center - Research and Education for Nonviolence (Society for Peace Education)BerlinGermany

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