Myasthenia Gravis

  • Satish V. Khadilkar
  • Rakhil S. Yadav
  • Bhagyadhan A. Patel


Myasthenia gravis is the most common immunological disease of the neuromuscular junction. It affects young females and elderly males and is associated with other immunological diseases. A proportion of patients have thymoma. External ocular muscles, eyelids, muscles of mastication and swallowing are preferentially affected by the disease. Myasthenic crisis forms a medical emergency and urgent intensive therapy is required. The course is fluctuating; remissions and exacerbations are known. The type of antibody has some bearing on the presentation, course and therapy options. Long-term immunosuppression and medical monitoring are required for most patients. Advances in the intensive care and judicious use of available options in immunosuppression have improved the quality of life.


Myasthenia gravis Fluctuating Fatigability Ptosis Ophthalmoparesis Bulbar weakness AchR Decrement on RNS Thymoma Pyridostigmine Immunosuppressive agents 


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