A Robotic Re-manufacturing System for High-Value Aerospace Repair and Overhaul

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Part of the Transactions on Intelligent Welding Manufacturing book series (TRINWM)


This paper describes the necessary elements for the development of a bespoke robotic welding system for aerospace turbofan compressor blade re-manufacturing. The established industry-academia research partnership and project evolution at The University of Sheffield (UK) from 2006 is highlighted in the joint development of a disruptive platform technology for high-value aerospace re-manufacturing. The design process, funding mechanisms, research and development of key components (vision system, high-speed DAQ, advanced GTAW welding system trials) are described in this paper. Interaction of these key components when combined with novel collaborative robotic technology and experienced welding engineers has made this project possible. This industry-academia research intensive collaboration between VBC Instrument Engineering Limited (UK) and The University of Sheffield has received project funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC, 2006–2010), the Science and Facilities Technology Council (STFC, 2011–2013) and Innovate-UK with the Aerospace Technology Institute (2014–2018).


Welding Manufacturing Simulation Robot 



Research supported by EPSRC, STFC, UK-ATLAS, EU FP7 AIDA, EU H2020 AIDA2 and INNOVATE-UK. We are very grateful to Dr. Benjamin Crutchley from Industrial 3D Robotics for aid.


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  2. 2.VBC Instrument Engineering LimitedWellingboroughUK

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