Clinical Aspect: Gastric Cancer

  • Hiroya TakeuchiEmail author
  • Yuko Kitagawa


Recent meta-analyses and a prospective multicenter trial of sentinel node (SN) mapping for early gastric cancer have shown acceptable SN detection rates and accuracy of determination of lymph node status. A dual-tracer method that employs radioactive colloids and blue dyes is currently considered the most reliable method for the stable detection of SNs for early-stage gastric cancer. However the new technologies such as indocyanine green infrared or fluorescence imaging and molecular detection of occult tumor cells in SN may revolutionize the SN mapping procedures in gastric cancer. For early gastric cancer, the establishment of individualized, minimally invasive gastrectomy based on SN concept can retain the patients’ quality of life. The combination of non-exposed endoscopic wall-inversion surgery with SN mapping and lymphatic basin dissection is expected to become a promising, ideal minimally invasive, function-preserving surgery to cure patients with cN0 early gastric cancer.


Sentinel nodes Gastric cancer Laparoscopic Non-exposed endoscopic wall-inversion surgery 


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