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Non-microsurgical Reconstruction

  • Sae Hwi Ki


The thumb is a very important part that is responsible about 40% of the functionality of the hand. The surgeon should be considered important aims for thumb reconstruction: (1) the appropriate length of the thumb, (2) stability, (3) the proper position for opposition, (4) the sense, (5) proper mobility and strength. Recently, with advance in microsurgical procedure, various microsurgical method of the thumb reconstruction, which is considered as the first choice for the thumb reconstruction has shown excellent results. However, if there are improper conditions such as, the patient’s age and poor vascular condition, improper microsurgical instruments with a microscope, and a microsurgical non-trained surgeon, because it is very are difficult to perform the microsurgical thumb reconstruction, hand surgeons have to know and get used to. Without microsurgical reconstruction technique, the surgeon should consider there are many methods and many factors to reconstruct the thumb, according to the remaining length of the thumb, function of the thenar muscle, carpometacarpal joint function, and others.


Thumb Reconstruction Non-microsurgical method 


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