Design and Optimization of Multilayer Ideal Cloak

  • M. H. JyothiEmail author
  • Balamati Choudhury


Radar cross-section reduction through invisibility cloaking concept have been explored as a futuristic stealth technology. This novel concept upon realization can provide the optimal version of stealth to the aerospace domain. This chapter provides a technical insight to the design of ideal cylindrical and spherical cloaking structures in accordance with the transformation optics theory along with the feasibility study of this concept to aerospace platform. The simulations shown in this chapter are performed by using FEM based COMSOL Multiphysics software. The performance of the designed ideal spherical cloak is analyzed by comparing the radar cross-section of PEC sphere without cloaking and with multilayer cloaking shells. The multilayer spherical cloak shows reduced radar cross-section in C band as compared to PEC sphere.


Radar Cross Section Permeability Tensor Transformation Theory Perfect Electric Conductor COMSOL Multiphysics Software 
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