A Multi Dynamic Binary Black Hole Algorithm Applied to Set Covering Problem

  • José GarcíaEmail author
  • Broderick Crawford
  • Ricardo Soto
  • Pablo García
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 514)


The set covering problem seeks for minimum cost family of subsets from n given subsets, which together covers the complete set. In this article, we present multi dynamic binary black hole algorithm for resolving the set covering problem. This algorithm has the particularity to propose a generic dynamic binarization method to manage the exploration and exploitation properties. Furthermore we explore the implementation of the algorithm on Apache Spark distributed framework.


Metaheuristics Binarization Set covering problem Black hole Spark big data framework 



Broderick Crawford is supported by Grant CONICYT/ FONDECYT/REGULAR/1140897 and Ricardo Soto is supported by Grant CONICYT/FONDECYT/REGULAR/1160455.


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  • Broderick Crawford
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  • Ricardo Soto
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  • Pablo García
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  2. 2.Pontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoValparaísoChile

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