News on SU(2|1) Supersymmetric Mechanics

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We report on a recent progress in exploring the SU(2|1) supersymmetric quantum mechanics. Our focus is on the harmonic SU(2|1) superspace formalism which provides a superfield description of the multiplet \((\mathbf{4, 4, 0})\) and its “mirror” version. We present the \(\sigma \)-model and Wess–Zumino type actions for these multiplets, in both the superfield and the component approaches. An interesting new feature as compared to the flat \(\mathcal{N}=4, d=1\) case is the absence of the explicit SU(2|1) invariant Wess–Zumino term for the ordinary \((\mathbf{4, 4, 0})\) multiplet and yet the existence of such a term for the mirror multiplet. The superconformal subclass of the SU(2|1) invariant \((\mathbf{4, 4, 0})\) actions is also described. Its main distinguishing features are the “trigonometric” realization of the \(d=1\) conformal group SO(2, 1) and the oscillator-type potential terms in the component actions.



Evgeny Ivanov thanks the organizers of the 11-th International Workshop “Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics” and, especially, Vladimir Dobrev for the kind hospitality in Varna. The authors acknowledge a partial support from the RFBR grant 15-02-06670 and a grant of the Heisenberg - Landau program.


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