Reimagining Sustainability in Precarious Times

pp 143-158


Transnational Knowledge Exchange: Connecting Knowledge Traditions for Sustainability of the Planet

  • Neera HandaAffiliated withSchool of Education, University of Western Sydney Email author 

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From one extreme to the other, the spectrum of points of view on the crises facing the world today depicts a growing sense that humanity must live more lightly on the planet. What might be needed is a significant shift in attitudes and behaviours, as it is nothing less than a transformation that is needed to bring a change in a society dependent on the Western capitalist development model which promotes values such as; consumerism, competition and commodification of nature. Based on this premise of the need for a new perspective, and new ways of thinking, knowing and acting sustainably, the question this chapter aims to address is “how the internationalisation of education for sustainability might take place?” Redefining the internationalisation of higher education as a trans-cultural and transnational exchange of knowledge, pedagogies for teacher education are suggested through which opportunities for bringing innovative alternatives available in non-Western knowledge traditions can be employed.