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  • Seung-June Oh


There is growing importance in the lower urinary tract dysfunction with aging population and increase in various neurodegenerative diseases. The storage and emptying of urine is primarily controlled by nervous system, making it dynamic and complex in nature. Therefore, the diagnosis of its dysfunction is more difficult than any other medical condition. Urodynamic study plays the most important role in understanding lower urinary tract dysfunction. However, it is not easy for beginners to comprehend these complex disorders since current textbooks are mostly written with limited actual examples and case discussions. The purpose of this book is to provide students, residents and clinical practitioners with a comprehensive guide to lower urinary tract dysfunction primarily through the actual urodynamic traces and patient cases. The readers will be readily able to translate knowledge learned from this book to actual clinical practices. This book illustrates basic concepts of lower urinary tract function through actual examples of conditions commonly encountered in practice. The readers will be able to reach the urodynamic conclusion as this book provides not only respective urodynamic trace but also a full set of information such as patient history, physical examination, voiding diary, laboratory examination, imaging studies, and cystourethroscopy directly simulating actual clinical practice. The presented cases in this book are based on a large clinical database that Professor Seung-June Oh has prospectively accumulated during the last 16 years of clinical practice as well as his experience in teaching his residents and students.


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