DEM Modelling of Silo Loads Asymmetry Induced by Eccentric Discharge

  • B. ChenEmail author
  • A. Roberts
  • T. Donohue
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 188)


The eccentric discharge of bulk solids from a silo can lead to asymmetry in the normal pressure distribution around the silo walls. In this study, the wall loads of square silos during the eccentric discharge operation were investigated by performing a range of DEM simulations. The DEM results indicate that the wall pressure on the side furthest from the eccentric discharge location was larger than that on the nearest side, being comparable to those derived from AS3774. The DEM results also show significant variation in the wall load distributions around the silo walls. The DEM simulations are also used to explore the effects of a number of parameters, i.e. particle-particle friction coefficient, rolling friction coefficient and outlet eccentricity.


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