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Hepatic Telocytes

  • Yingying Zhao
  • Xiaoyu Chen
  • Fei Wang
  • Changqing Yang
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 913)


Telocytes (TCs), a novel peculiar interstitial cell found in many tissues and organs, play pivotal roles in maintaining tissue homeostasis and regulating tissue and organ development and immune surveillance. In recent years, the existence of TCs in liver has been confirmed. In this chapter, we evaluate the role of TCs on promoting liver regeneration and the therapeutic effects on liver fibrosis.


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This work was supported by the grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China (81070343 and 81370559 to C. Yang; 81400635 to F. Wang), Joint Projects in Major Diseases funding from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning (2014ZYJB0201 to C. Yang), Joint Projects for Novel Frontier Technology in Shanghai Municipal Hospital from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning (SHDC1204122 to C. Yang), Shanghai Medical Guide Project from Shanghai Science and Technology Committee (14411971500 to F. Wang), grants from the Chinese Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control (TQGB20140141 to F. Wang), and funds from the Shanghai Innovation Program (12431901002 to C. Yang).

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