Volume 913 of the series Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology pp 377-395


Vascular Telocytes

  • Hongqi ZhangAffiliated withDepartment of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Shanghai Medical College of Fudan UniversityKey Laboratory of Medical Imaging Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention of Shanghai Email author 

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Telocyte, different to fibroblast and dendritic cell, is a novel type of interstitial cell, whose key features are their smaller cell body with very long prolongations of uneven caliber, termed telopodes. The telocytes have been continuously discovered to be present in many tissues and organs. Whether telocytes exist in the blood and vascular wall is not clear. Our research group, for the first time, testified that telocytes also exist in the blood and large sized arterial and venous wall under scanning and transmission electron microscope. In static condition, blood telocytes and their prolongations usually attach on endothelial surface. We speculate that the blood telocyte maybe come from the bone marrow, because most of formed element in the blood originated from bone marrow. The telocytes within arterial wall locate in the tunica adventitia and close to outer elastic lamina. And, the telocytes in venous wall commonly situate in the subendothelial layer. The morphological features of blood and vascular telocytes are consistent with the telocytes in other organs and tissues. Their real function of telocytes in cardiovascular system preserved to be further investigated.