An Intimate Relationship in the Shadow of Narcissism



Narcissism is a personality disorder which is perceptibly common (Hare, 1993; Joutsiniemi, Kaulio, Mäkelä, Pekola, & Schulman, 2007; Välipakka & Lehtosaari, 2007). Narcissistic personality disorder belongs to the same group with unstable personality disorder and asocial personality disorder (Vaknin, 1999). Still, a small proportion of narcissism is necessary for survival in life (Crompton, 2007). Healthy narcissism has to be seen separate from narcissistic personality disorder. Healthy narcissism means for example the ability to have all kinds of feelings and be empathetic. Thus, healthy narcissism is based on true self-esteem that the narcissists totally lack (Hotchkiss, 2005.) Put shortly, narcissism turns into illness when it affects human relationships and healthy narcissism negatively.


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