Making a Strong University Stronger

Change without a Burning Platform
  • Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen
Part of the Global Perspectives on Higher Education book series (GPHE, volume 25)


On an October day in 2010, a professor of economics was lecturing students at the Aarhus School of Business at Aarhus University on labour market dynamics. The professor was Dale T. Mortensen, a Niels Bohr Professor at Aarhus University, who for a number of years had divided his time between Aarhus University and Northwestern University in Chicago, US. Immediately before his lecture, Professor Mortensen received a call with the news that he was to receive the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his ground-breaking research on labour market dynamics. After the lecture, national and international media rushed in, and for a few hours, Aarhus University was turned completely upside down.


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