Microsurgery of Bone Disease and Bone Tumor

  • Jing Li
  • Lei Shi
  • Chun Zhang
  • Jianli Wang
  • Guangjun Liu


Tumorous bone removal or resection is the most common method to treat osteopathy and bone tumor. However, a large bone defect after lesion removal brings about a challenge of reconstruction for surgeons. Introduction of artificial metal prosthesis is a great progress in reconstruction of large bone defects. With advantages of simple operation, immediate stability after surgery, reliable functional rehabilitation, few complications at the early stage, prosthesis reconstruction becomes an important reconstructive method of limb salvage for osteopathy and malignant bone tumor. But in recent years, its clinical application takes on a declining trend. A major reason is that the number of failed artificial prosthesis reconstruction increases remarkably due to long-term complications (such as loosening, infection, fracture, etc) (The survival rate of prosthesis in 10 years is about 63%). Thus, biological reconstruction gradually becomes the mainstream management for segmental bone defects caused by osteopathy or bone tumor.


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