Microsurgical Reconstruction of Lower Extremity Soft-Tissue Defects

  • Changqing ZhangEmail author
  • Xianyou Zheng
  • Shengdi Lu


Lower extremity soft-tissue defects were clinically common, caused mainly by machine injury, burn and other diseases. Treatment of high-energy lower extremity trauma with soft-tissue defects and exposure of tendon, nerve and bone remains a formidable problem. Since the development of microsurgical techniques from 1960s, local flaps, microvascular free flaps, and arterial, nerve and bone repairs have been successfully applied experimentally and clinically, making a major breakthrough in the repair of lower extremity soft-tissue defects and reducing the risk of lower extremity dysfunction or amputation. We, the authors of this chapter, think that the followings should be the major concerns when microsurgical reconstruction of lower extremity soft-tissue defects is to be performed.


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