Microsurgical Repair of Soft-Tissue Defects of the Upper Extremity

  • Yongjun Rui


In the case of limb injuries, it is necessary to assess and treat any damage that poses a threat to life before assessing and treating the physical impairment of the limb. Most limb injuries are high-energy ones, and can be accompanied with injuries to the trunk, head or neck. The main aims of treatment should be to rescue severe damages to vital organs, detect and treat hidden damages, treat life-threatening injuries and conduct anti-shock therapy. Saving the patient’s life is always the first intention, and limb salvage the second. In addition to treatment of open fractures and control of acute bleeding, the rescue procedures can be implemented before a definite diagnosis is established, followed by timely adjustments of specific treatment protocols.

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  • Yongjun Rui
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