The Opening of the Realm of Transcendental Experience Following the Second Path

  • Edmund Husserl
Part of the Husserliana: Edmund Husserl – Collected Works book series (HUCO, volume 14)


To remain with perception a bit longer, we never have, strictly speaking, something perceived without an horizonal consciousness, no matter how we may fixate and limit what is perceived. Not only that an entire thing, in the manner in which it imposes itself in its entirety, has its horizon; rather, everything that is perceived thusly has, so to speak, within itself its background, each is given only as presenting itself through a seen front side with something unseen inside and an unseen back side; regardless whether we pay attention exclusively to these sides as what is “actually” perceived of the thing it is in consciousness not the thing itself or a thing for itself, but only that of the perceived thing, which happens to fall into the actual grasping of the self [of the object].


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