Opening Up the Field of Transcendental Experience Transcendental, Phenomenological and Apodictic Reduction

  • Edmund Husserl
Part of the Husserliana: Edmund Husserl – Collected Works book series (HUCO, volume 14)


If I hypothesize in evidently possible manner that the universe, the entire endless space with all in it, does not exist despite the con-cordantly continuously streaming world experience, then I may be permitted to ask: What would remain then, unaffected and perhaps apodictically existing? But is not “the universe” identical to “the totality of being”? Hence, does not my question ask, absurdly: What if nothing at all existed? Yet, this critical insight that I acquired, concerns, upon closer reflection, not the totality of entities in the broadest sense, but more precisely the entities of mundane | experi-ence, of objective being.


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