Pneumothorax of the Newborn

  • Jing Liu
  • Hai-Ying Cao
  • Erich Sorantin


The pleural cavity consists of the parietal pleura and the visceral layer, and it is a gas-free potential enclosed lacuna. After pleural rupture for any reason, the formation of pneumatosis in the thoracic cavity after the air enters the pleura is called pneumothorax, which is a common and critical neonatal illness in clinics and a common cause of death among newborns and preterm infants [1, 2].

Supplementary material

Video 9.1

Disappearance of lung sliding in the pneumothorax area. Lung sliding is occurring in the B-line area, while it is disappearing in the right side of the same picture; the point of demarcation between the B-line and the right side of the same picture was called the lung point (AVI 67648 kb)

Video 9.2

Disappearance of lung sliding in the pneumothorax area. Lung sliding is occurring in the consolidation area, while it is disappearing on the right side of the same picture; the point of demarcation between the consolidation and the right side of the same picture was the lung point (MOV 7592 kb)

Video 9.3

Disappearance of lung sliding in the pneumothorax area. Video shows that lung sliding is disappearing in the whole left-lung field; no lung point was found in this patient with severe pneumothorax (AVI 79824 kb)

Video 9.4

Disappearance of lung sliding in the pneumothorax area. It can be seen in Video that lung sliding is significant in the right lung (AVI 79824 kb)

Video 9.5

the lung point (AVI 131929 kb)


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  • Hai-Ying Cao
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  • Erich Sorantin
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