Darien National Park, Panama

  • Vanda Claudino-Sales
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The Darien National Park forms the physiographic link between Central and South America. The park extends along about 80% of the Colombian border and includes part of the Pacific coast. It forms a transfrontier site with Los Katios National Park, in Colombia, also a World Heritage site. It is a hot, humid area typified by tropical rainforests, mangrove swamps, sandy beaches, rocky coasts, freshwater marshes, palm forest swamps, and low mountain ranges with cloud forest vegetation. It is the largest Panamanian park and one of the largest protected areas in Central America. It conserves the largest tropical rainforest on the Pacific slope. The property is also culturally and ethnically diverse, as evidenced by major archaeological findings, as well as Afro-descendants and indigenous peoples of the Embera, Wounaan, and Kuna living within the property.


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