The Protein Data Bank: Overview and Tools for Drug Discovery

  • Helen M. Berman
  • Peter W. Rose
  • Shuchismita Dutta
  • Christine Zardecki
  • Andreas Prlić
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The increasing size and complexity of the three dimensional (3D) structures of biomacromolecules in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) is a reflection of the growth in the field of structural biology. Although the PDB archive was initially used only in the field of structural biology, it has grown to become a valuable resource for understanding biology at a molecular level and is critical for designing new therapeutic options for various diseases. The many uses of the PDB archive depend upon on the tools and resources for both data management and for data access and analysis.


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The RCSB PDB is supported by funds from the National Science Foundation (NSF DBI 1338415), National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Energy (DOE). RCSB PDB is a member of the Worldwide Protein Data Bank.


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