Techno-economic Assessment Methodology for Ultrasonic Production of Biofuels

  • Miet Van DaelEmail author
  • Tom Kuppens
  • Sebastien Lizin
  • Steven Van Passel
Part of the Biofuels and Biorefineries book series (BIOBIO, volume 4)


Many market introductions fail due to economic reasons and not because of process performance. A techno-economic assessment (TEA) tool can help in making good choices during process development and raise the success rate of market introduction. In this chapter, the advantages of performing a TEA in early development stage of an innovative technology are highlighted. Seeing the current state of ultrasound technology, a TEA can help to steer further research into the most interesting pathway. The chapter, therefore, elaborates on the methodology that can be used to perform such a TEA and on the specific components which should be taken into account when applying a TEA on the ultrasonic production of biofuels and chemicals. Finally, a review is provided on the existing scientific literature concerning the economic performance of ultrasound technology.


Techno-economic assessment Cost-benefit analysis Mass balance Energy balance Biofuels Ultrasound 

List of Abbreviations


Benefit cost ratio


Capital cost


Cost-benefit analysis


Cumulative exergy extraction from the natural environment


Chemical engineering plant cost index


Cash flow in year n


Discounted payback period


Fixed capital investment


Discount rate


Initial investment in year 0


Internal rate of return


Life cycle analysis


Life cycle costing


Life cycle sustainability assessment

M&S Index

Marshall and Swift equipment cost index


Mass flow diagram


Net present value


Operational cost


Payback period


Process flow diagram


Social life cycle analysis


Life span


Total capital investment


Techno-economic assessment


Total solids in


Total suspended solids


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