Systems and Synthetic Biology

pp 63-75


In silico Identification of Eukaryotic Promoters

  • Venkata Rajesh YellaAffiliated withMolecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute of Science
  • , Manju BansalAffiliated withMolecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute of Science Email author 

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The identification of promoters is essential for complete annotation of genomes and better understanding of gene regulatory networks. Experimental methods for promoter identification are costly, time-consuming and labor intensive. Hence, in silico methods are an attractive alternative. Computational methods for promoter prediction methods are easy, fast and can provide reliable results. A promoter prediction algorithm identifies promoter regions based on the idea that, promoter regions are different from other genomic regions in their features (sequence, context and structure). Promoter prediction algorithms are broadly classified as ab initio, hybrid and homology-based, depending on the information used for model design. The different approaches used in promoter prediction are briefly described here.


Promoter prediction programs FirstEF CpGProD Eponine PromoterInspector PromPredict EP3 PromH