An Interactive Collaborative Workspace Platform
  • Jay Trimble
  • Roxana Wales
  • Rich Gossweiler
Part of the The Kluwer International series on Computer Supported Cooperative Work book series (CSCW, volume 2)


This chapter describes the ongoing process by which a multidisciplinary group at NASA’s Ames Research Center is designing and implementing a large interactive work surface called the MERBoard Collaborative Workspace. A MERBoard system involves several distributed, large, touch-enabled, plasma display systems with custom MERBoard software. A centralized server and database back the system. We are continually tuning MERBoard to support over two hundred scientists and engineers during the surface operations of the Mars Exploration Rover Missions. These scientists and engineers come from various disciplines and are working both in small and large groups over a span of space and time. We describe the multidisciplinary, human-centered process by which this MERBoard system is being designed, the usage patterns and social interactions that we have observed, and issues we are currently facing.


Pervasive computing ubiquitous computing human-centered computing collaboration computer supported cooperative work user-interface common information space 


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  • Jay Trimble
    • 1
  • Roxana Wales
    • 1
  • Rich Gossweiler
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  1. 1.NASA Ames Research CenterUSA

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