Mathematical Knowledge: Its Growth Through Teaching

Volume 10 of the series Mathematics Education Library pp 107-130

Tool, Object, Setting, Window: Elements for Analysing and Constructing Didactical Situations in Mathematics

  • Régine Douady

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The classroom is a living place where complicated interactions take place between the teacher and the pupils. What is at stake is a certain mathematical knowledge. The pupils arrive in class in a certain state of knowledge and must reach another expected state of knowledge, under the teacher’s direction. Various factors act upon these relations — of a scientific, social, cultural, hierarchical, or personal order — often in contradictory ways. One of the functions of teacher training is to provide teachers with the means of recognizing those factors which they can influence, considering the constraints to which they are subject. Another point is to determine how they can manage these elements in order to obtain a desired result in the pupils’ learning.