Involvement of the QB Binding Protein (Mr 32000) in the Adaptation of the Photosynthetic Apparatus to Light Intensity

  • F. Koenig


Sublethal concentrations of exclusively those inhibitors of photosynthe-tic electron transport known to bind to a photosystem II constituent of Mr 32000, also called D-1 protein, were observed to cause shade type appearance in the blue-green alga Anacystis nidulans wildtype in strong white light (4500 lux), whereas lower concentrations of these inhibitors allowed for adaptation to the high light intensity (Figs. 1 and 3).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • F. Koenig
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  1. 1.Botanisches InstitutJ.W. Goethe-UniversitätFrankfurt am MainWest Germany

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