Regulation of Pectinolytic Gene Expression in Aspergillus

  • R. P. De Vries
  • L. Pařenicová


This chapter discusses the current knowledge of the regulation of pectinolytic genes in Aspergillus and presents a summary of recent data obtained on this topic. So far, little is known about regulatory factors involved in pectin degradation. It appears that the pectinolytic regulatory system is more complex than the xylanolytic regulatory system, in which a general activating factor (XlnR) plays a central role. Some pectinolytic genes are expressed in response to the presence of pectin or pectin derived compounds, but constitutively expressed pectinolytic genes have also been reported. Indications for the involvement of general regulatory factors such as carbon catabolite repression and pH regulation have also been reported. Specific regulatory systems have been proposed for the regulation of genes encoding pectinolytic enzymes acting on the side chains of pectin.


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