Guidelines for analysing and reporting EQ-5D outcomes

  • Paul Krabbe
  • Tom Weijnen


The EQ-5D is used in different fields of research, each field with its own scientific traditions. These traditions are reflected in different methods of analysis, application, and presentation. The particular interest of a researcher may determine whether 1 or more of the 3 parts (descriptive system, VAS, index) of the EQ-5D will be applied. This chapter presents an overview of the major types of application of the EQ-5D. First, 3 fields of research are discussed, each orientated to a particular research question. Second, the 3 main types of study design are outlined. Third, guidelines for the collection of EQ-5D data are presented. Fourth, guidelines for analysing and reporting EQ-5D outcomes are presented for each of these different research strategies.


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