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Frugivory and Seed Dispersal by Bats

  • Pierre Charles-Dominique
  • Anya Cockle
Part of the Monographiae Biologicae book series (MOBI, volume 80)


Bat communities have been studied at several places in French Guiana. Investigations were initiated on the St Elie road (ECEREX), where they focused on the seed dispersal of pioneer plant species (de Foresta et al. 1984, Charles-Dominique 1986, Brosset et al. 1996), and from there spread to a few other sites. Among them, studies undertaken at Nouragues examined in particular the role of understorey bat species in the dispersal and regeneration of Cyclanthaceae and Araceae hemi-epiphytes of the genus Philodendron and Rhodospatha (Cockle 1997, and Chapter 24). Over 2500 bats were caught at Nouragues, revealing a relative homogeneity in relation to other bat communities in French Guiana, in particular concerning feeding behaviours. The determination of the different species’ diets was made possible by the systematic collection of faeces upon capture, complemented by observations made under known feeding and day roosts.


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  • Pierre Charles-Dominique
  • Anya Cockle

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