The Cyst Nematodes

pp 141-155

Extraction, culturing and microscopy

  • J. D. Eisenback
  • , U. Zunke

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Extraction, culturing, and microscopy of cyst nematodes are three distinct topics in plant nematology that at first glance may seem to be unconnected, but indeed, are quite related. Nematodes are usually extracted from the soil in order to be cultured or observed with a microscope. Likewise, culturing nematodes usually requires some sort of microscopy in order to handle the propagules and to make a correct identification to species. Microscopy is necessary for extracting and culturing cyst nematodes because they are very small organisms. The microscope continues to be the most important tool for the study of cyst nematodes. Recent advances in the design of light and electron microscopes together with the digitalization of images that can be manipulated with a computer make these instruments extremely valuable tools for the continued exploration of these economically important and immensely fascinating organisms.