A Single Scatter Simulation Technique for Scatter Correction in 3D PET

  • C. C. Watson
  • D. Newport
  • M. E. Casey
Part of the Computational Imaging and Vision book series (CIVI, volume 4)


3D PET emission data acquired without interplane septa contain a component of scattered radiation which may exceed 30% for brain scans and 50% for chest studies. In order to obtain quantitative images by means of conventional 3D reconstruction algorithms, correction for this scatter component is essential. To this end, we have developed and implemented a single scatter simulation technique for scatter correction which is closely integrated with standard 3D filtered backprojection reconstruction. In this paper we describe this technique, and present scatter correction results from phantom studies.


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  • C. C. Watson
    • 1
  • D. Newport
    • 1
  • M. E. Casey
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  1. 1.CTI PET Systems, Inc.KnoxvilleUSA

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