Continental Flood Volcanism From the Paraná Basin (Brazil)

  • E. M. Piccirillo
  • A. J. Melfi
  • P. Comin-Chiaramonti
  • G. Bellieni
  • M. Ernesto
  • L. S. Marques
  • A. J. R. Nardy
  • I. G. Pacca
  • A. Roisenberg
  • D. Stolfa
Part of the Petrology and Structural Geology book series (PESG, volume 3)


In the past years study of the continental flood volcanism in the Paraná basin had been mainly concentrated in the southern regions, where thick lava sequences are well exposed. Such research essentially concerned basic geology, petrography, radiometric dating and, subordinately, petrochemistry, isotope geochemistry and paleomagnetism (cf. Almeida, 1983; Amaral et al., 1966; Amaral and Crosta, 1983; Asmus and Baisch, 1983; Compston et al., 1968; Cordani et al., 1980; Creer et al., 1965; Ernesto, 1985; Ernesto et al., 1979; Fodor et al., 1985a, 1985b; Fulfaro et al., 1982; Halpern et al., 1974; Leinz et aL, 1966; McDougall and Ruegg, 1966; Mantovani et al., 1985a, 1985b; Marimon et al., 1983; Marques, 1983; Melfi, 1967; Minioli et al., 1971; Pacca and Hiodo, 1976; Pacca and Ernesto, 1982; Ruegg, 1976; Ruegg and Amaral, 1976; Sartori et al., 1975, 1982; Sartori and Gomes, 1980; Sartori and Filho, 1983; Souza, 1983).


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