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I must apologize for referring, in these very first lines, to one of my former works. But that former work is the starting-point of this one. In one of my works published some years ago, on the Method of Private International Law, I have respectfully but decidedly rejected the basis, assigned by Savigny to private international law. According to the opinion of this illustrious predecessor, private international law should be based on the community of the nations, united by regular intercourse. My conviction, however, is that the community of nations may exist, but that it is not the basis of private international law. The real basis of the said law is the juridical community of mankind. A system of reasonable principles for the international intercourse of men can only be built up on such a community. In my former work, I came, moreover, to conclusions, which greatly differed from the classical ones, as to the conception and the method of private international law. My work has often been criticized. I was asked how I dared to disagree with such an authority as Savigny; this is a question not deserving any answer. It was also said that there was no essential difference between my view and that of the illustrious scientist. The last objection has induced me to make new investigations.


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