The Climatology of South America

  • Robert C. Eidt
Part of the Monographiæ Biologicæ book series (MOBI, volume 18)


The climatology, or average long-term meteorological condition, of a place depends both on what Küppen has referred to as a broad group of external factors, i.e., astronomical location, general circulation, surface features, altitude and exposure, and on a group of climatic elements which characterize each of the broad factors and are closely interrelated with them. These elements include temperature and rainfall averages and extremes, atmospheric pressures, wind speeds and directions, relative humidity and cloudiness. Since the climatic factors and elements all depend upon the daily weather conditions, the discussion of the climates of South America must necessarily draw heavily on meteorological data. It should be noted that long-term weather records are frequently unavailable for this part of the world, so that much extrapolation and interpretation must be carried out in order to arrive at a generalized idea of climate.


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