Pulmonary sequestration

  • N. E. Wiseman
  • R. I. Macpherson
Part of the Advances in the Study of Birth Defects book series (ASBD, volume 6)


Pulmonary sequestration can be defined as an aberrant mass of pulmonary tissue with a systemic arterial blood supply and no normal bronchial connection. The term ‘sequestration’ was introduced by Pryce1 in 1946 and suggests a pulmonary lesion separate from the remainder of the lung both anatomically and functionally. Two major anatomical varieties are recognized — intralobar and extralobar. Both however are part of a broad spectrum of congenital anomalies, with an anomalous blood supply to normal lung at one end, and complex bronchopulmonary-foregut malformations at the other. Thus, the anatomical changes, pathogenesis, and clinical features of pulmonary sequestration can be complex and variable.


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