Scientific Philosophy: Its Aims and Means

  • Evert W. Beth


In contemporary philosophy, divergent though its manifestations may seem, three main currents can be clearly distinguished: traditional philosophy, irrationalism, and scientific philosophy.


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    Such an attempt was recently made by A. Koyré (1946, 1947a). The utter worthlessness of his arguments was quite convincingly demonstrated by Yehoshua Bar-Hillel (1948). Cp. Koyré (1947b).Google Scholar
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    S’ ‘T’... are variables taking the sentences of the formalized language as values. p1, p2, p3,... are the atomic sentences and — and & are the connectives which this formal system contains; i.e., the symbols ‘p1’, ‘p2’, ‘p3’,... occurring in the text are names for these atomic sentences and connectives; they are not identical with these atomic sentences or connectives themselves. Consequently, these atomic sentences and connectives are only mentioned, not used. ‘A’, ‘B’,... should be considered as abbreviations of arbitrary sentences belonging to the language of elementary arithmetic, which is used as a metalanguage.Google Scholar

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