Oryza: From Molecule to Plant

pp 3-15

Comparative genetics in the grasses

  • Katrien M. DevosAffiliated withJohn Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park
  • , Michael D. GaleAffiliated withJohn Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park

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Comparative genetic studies have demonstrated that gene content and orders are highly conserved, both at the map and megabase level, between different species within the grass family. Integration of the genetic maps of rice, foxtail millet, sugar cane, sorghum, maize, the Triticeae cereals and oats into a single synthesis reveals that some chromosome arrangements characterise taxonomic groups, while others have arisen during or after speciation. A detailed analysis of the comparative maps of seven species, belonging to three subfamilies, and their applications are described below.

Key words

comparative genetics synteny colinearity grasses